This is a game I made for my final project in the "Video Games as Literature" class at Concordia University. The game is inspired by my own experiences in dilapidated commercial spaces nearby my childhood home in Ottawa, Ontario, and how I used to kill time before appointments by exploring these spaces. The goal of my game is to approximate the feeling of memories distorting physical space — that is to say, to convey the feeling of returning to a space and it being different than the way you remember it. The game heavily emphasizes exploration, and is much more concerned with the journey rather than the destination. I recommend interacting with items, NPCs, and environmental details as much as possible, as sometimes they provide different responses after an encounter. I also encourage playing the game through multiple times, as there are a few different paths you  can take to get to the end kernel. I hope you enjoy exploring my world!


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Undertale 2

Its a good game with a good story. For a 2d game like this it would be better if it was better optimised cause it was lagging a bit and control where too slow to respond in my  low power laptop, other than that good game and good story.Good luck.